CESC Working Papers
Working Paper on Sustainability of Village Institutions: Geevan C.P. and Satyasiba Bedamatta (2005)
Sustainability of Village Institutions - Forestry and Livelihoods: Gram Vikas Mandals in South Gujarat, India (Promoted by AKRSP) - C.P.Geevan and Satyasiba Bedamatta (2007)
The Sustainability of Village Institutions under JFM - Some Issues Emerging from the Case Studies of the NGO Experiences from Gujarat, India. Geevan C.P. and Satyasiba Bedamatta Pre-Print from the selected papers from the proceedings of: National Workshop on JFM at Crossroads: Future Strategy and Action Programme for Institutionalizing Community Forestry, Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM), Bhopal, April 20-22, 2006
India - National Environment Policy 2004: Critique
CESC Working Paper on the Policy (Draft, 2004)
Coastal Action Network - Critique of Policy (Draft, 2004)
Delhi Science Forum, Critique of Policy (Draft, 2004)
Hindi version of Press Release on National Environmental Policy (Draft, 2004)
Sharachchandra LELE and Ajit Menon, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Environment and Development, ISEC Campus, Nagarabhavi, Bangalore 560 072, E-mail: slele@isec.ac.in - DRAFT NEP 2004: A Flawed Vision
EQUATIONS - Critique from tourism development perspective
Tarun Bharat Sangh - Document adopted at the meeting organized at Rajasthan University in Jaipur on October 15, 2004
Other Papers/ Reports
Spatial analysis for identification and evaluation of forested corridors between two protected areas in Central India Shirish Ravan, A. M. Dixit and V. B. Mathur
A quantitative analysis of plant use as a component of EIA: Case of Narmada Sagar hydroelectric project in Central India A. M. Dixit and C. P. Geevan
Ecological-Economic Analysis of Grassland Systems: Resource Dynamics and Management Challenges Kachchh District ( Gujarat ) - World Bank, EMCaB/TAP, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai. Geevan, C.P., Dixit, A.M. and Silori, C.S. [Summary] [Full Report] Visit http://www.irade.org/eerc/main.html for 52 Environmental Economics case studies across India - Sponsored by the Environmental Economics Research Committee
Kerala's Coastal Area: The case for a coastal zone management plan covering coastal land and water in: M.A.Oomman (ed.) Kerala Development National and Global Dimensions, Vol. 2, p279-299, Concept Press, New Delhi (1999) International Conference on Kerala's Development Experience: National and Global Dimensions, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, 9-11 December 1996
Biodiversity Conservation Information Network: A Concept Plan - Current Science 69: 906-914: (1995) - C.P.Geevan
India - National Environmental Policy 2004 (Draft) Commentary - Economic and Political Weekly - October 2004 - C.P.Geevan
9/11 2001: Reason or Irrationality: Time to Choose - Economic and Political Weekly 22 Sep 2001- C.P.Geevan
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and India: CTBT and National and Regional Politics - Economic and Political Weekly Oct 3, 1998 - C.P.Geevan