Who we are

Centre for Environment and Social Concerns

Centre for Environment and Social Concerns (CESC) is a not-for-profit inter-disciplinary resource centre initiated by a group of professionals from diverse disciplines in year 2004 (registered as Charitable Public Trust in Gujarat). It recognizes the pressing need to seriously address the interdisciplinary challenges of positioning development process on a sustainable trajectory.

CESC promotes studies and action research for responsible management of natural resources, institutional and policy challenges for addressing gender and equity concerns as a crosscutting theme and recasting developmental action as an environmentally sensitive enterprise that recognizes the livelihood- biodiversity linkages. The organization is associated with the networking on issues related with biodiversity conservation, protected area management, sustainable development, and livelihoods linked with natural resource management.

CESC follows a system of having a small core technical group responsible for institutional, consultancy and project responsibilities complemented by a set of highly qualified resource persons who provide services on a need basis.


The mission of the centre is to address the inter-disciplinary concerns of diverse initiatives for placing development process on a sustainable trajectory and to provide such knowledge-based services to the wide range of stakeholders in the development sector such as local communities, government agencies, nongovernment organizations, and decision makers at different levels.

Full Legal Name

Centre for Environment and Social Concerns

Date of Establishment

20 November 2004

Registration No.



A-307/308, Supath-II Complex, Near Juna Vadaj Bus Stand,
Ashram Road, Ahmedabad- 380013. Gujarat (INDIA)



Chief Functionary

Dr Chandanathil P. Geevan





12-A Renewal No.

AAATC7457RE20214 Dated 28-5-2021 (Period AY-2022-23 to 2026-27)

80-G Renewal

AAATC7457RF20214 Dated 28-5-2021 (period up to AY 2024-25)

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Registered Under NITI Aayog for NGO Darpan


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