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inter-disciplinary initiatives in environment & development

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Ecological & Socio-Economic Studies & Surveys: Study Design, Data Management, Analysis, Reports

  • Designing of studies and/or assisting in such work

  • Developing survey design & questionnaire and/or assisting in such work

  • Data Analysis and/or assisting in such work

  • Conducting Training Sessions for field workers involved in the studies

  • Participation and/or facilitation of discussions & workshops

  • Visits to project sites for review, monitoring, evaluation or hand-holding support

  • Scrutiny/review of proposals or reports by partner agencies

  • Preparing notes/memos for project development & planning

  • Pro-active contribution to the activities of partner agencies (studies, project development, implementation, etc.) through handholding support or other assistance

  • Documentation and preparation of desk reviews on relevant subjects

Spatial Data Analysis: GIS Applications & Digital Satellite Image Processing

  • Digital Image Processing

  • Spatial data management for ecological studies

  • Spatial data analysis for development

  • Landscape ecology studies

  • Environmental management

  • Quantitative techniques in GIS applications

Policy Analysis & Studies

  • Environment

  • Gender

  • Institutional Arrangements

Gender & Culture - Studies & Initiatives

  • Development Perspectives

  • Understanding the institutional needs for internalizing gender & equity concerns

  • Role & participation in development process

  • Addressing the empowerment challenges

Quantitative Studies using Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation

  • System Dynamics Applications

  • Ecological Economics

  • Resource Dynamics

Ecosystem Studies & Quantitative Ecology

  • Ecosystem studies

  • Quantitative Techniques

  • Systems Analysis

Information & Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D)


  • Develop institutional support and technological basis for people-centered ICT applications

  • Knowledge services to support to facilitate the involvement of village communities in ICT initiatives