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Major Projects


  • Study on the Sustainability of Village Institutions/ Organizations Promoted by NGOs for Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Livelihoods

  • Conservation, Enterprises and Livelihoods League – (CELL) Kutch Project Site in partnership with the Yusuf Meherally Centre (YMC). The project in 7 coastal locations in several states is sponsored by the Ford Foundation and coordinated by the Covenant Centre for Development (CCD), Madurai

  • Study on the livelihood and biodiversity conservation issues in the Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

  • Partner in the national project on “Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Improvement” to study the issues associated with the Wild Ass Sanctuary, Gujarat


Coastal Area Initiatives


  • Project partner in a Ford Foundation initiative in a networked project involving multiple locations on the East and West Coast of India on Conservation, Enterprises and Livelihoods – Coastal (CELC) coordinated by the Covenant Centre for Development (CCD), Madurai. CESC works in partnership with Yusuf Meherali Centre (YMC) for the implementation of CELC project in the Gujarat site (Mundra, Kutch District)

  • CESC as a resource centre supports the work of Yusuf Meherali Centre in several coastal area initiatives including working with coastal communities in Kutch. This covers several aspects such as cultural, economic, educational, social and institutional.

  • Supporting initiatives to develop self-governance of fishing communities along Kutch coast – Since 2003

  • State level workshop on “Coastal Communities: Livelihoods & Resource Management Concerns” a joint initiative of Protsahan, Paryavaran Vikas Kendra (PVK) & Centre for Environment & Social Concerns (CESC), December 2004, Rajkot

  • Support to initiatives involving the fishing communities along Gujarat coast (Saurashtra & Kutch) – Since 2003

  • Participation in Daria Kinara Samvad (Coastal Communities Dialogue) – Since March 2005


Biodiversity & Livelihoods


  • Building perspectives on biodiversity and livelihoods – Since 2003

  • Support to grassroots action on biodiversity and livelihoods

  • Support to grassroots action for biodiversity conservation in Natural Resources Management

  • Studies on Biodiversity Mapping

  Policy Analysis & Advocacy


  • Gender Policy Initiatives & Analysis

  • Biodiversity Conservation and Environment

  • Women & Land Rights

  • Peace, Harmony & Pluralism

  • Village Institutions and Rural Development Initiatives

  • Strengthening and sustaining pluralist traditions: Initiated studies on this theme as in-house activity as well as commissioned studies. One scholar from Canada on internship carried out a preliminary study of the pluralist traditions in Kutch, Gujarat. We are contributing to the efforts to integrate such concerns into the development interventions.

  • National campaign for review of the National Environment Policy (Draft) India, 2004 – Since August 2004

 Networking & Partnerships


  • Western India Biodiversity Network; CESC is the network coordinator – Since October 2004

  • Networking of herbal healers in Kutch – October 2004 onwards

  • Western India Consultation on Water & Sanitation organised by Pravah – a platform for mobilizing action on drinking water – September 2004

  • Participant in electronic networking on River Linking, Protected Area Network, Natural Resources Management; Environmental Policy, E-Governance & ICT for Development - Since 2003

  • Linking Traditional Knowledge Database on Medicinal Plants of Kutch with National Innovation Foundation (NIF) Database, funded by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) – Sept 04 onwards

  • Working with NGOs such as Agha Khan Rural Support Programme, Agha Khan Foundation, Foundation for Ecological Security, UNNATI, Kutch Nav Nirma Abhiyan, Setu Mahiti Kendra (Kutch), UTTHAN, River Basin Dialogue, Organic Farming etc

Key Resource Persons


  1. Mr. Geevan C.P., Director, Ph.D. (Environmental Sciences), Director

  2. Mr. Arun M. Dixit, Ph.D. (Ecology) Senior Program Associate

  3. Ms. Meera Velayudhan, Ph.D. (History & Gender Studies) Senior Policy Analyst, Gender & Culture

  4. Mr. Pranav Trivedi (M.Sc., Wild Life & Ecology), Consultant, Wildlife Ecology

  5. Ms. Tara Nair, Ph.D. (Development Economics), Consultant, Micro Finance

  6. Mr. Ambrish Mehta (MA), Consultant, Action Research & Networking

  7. Mr. Satyasiba Bedamatta (MA), Consultant (Institutional Economics)

  8. Arpit Deomurari, B.Tech. (Information Technology), Consultant, GIS and Information & Communication Technology in Development

  9. Tana Mewada, M.Sc., (Ecologist)


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