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CELL - Kutch Site

Yusuf Meherally Centre (YMC)

Bhadreshwar, Mundra Taluka, Bhuj, Kachchh, Gujarat

Centre for Environment & Social Concerns (www.cesc-india.org)

Conservation, Enterprise & Livelihoods League (CELL)

Supported by Ford Foundation
Coordination: CCD, Madurai

Project Area

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 Project Sites: 5 Hamlets

  • Gundiyali – 75 KM from YMC office, Bhadreshwar (Mundra Taluka)

  • Modwa – 6 KM from Gundiyali

  • Salaya (2 wards of Mandvi town) – 6 KM from Gundiyali

  • Nana Layaja – 20 KM from Gundiyali

  • Kathada – 5 KM from N. Layaja

  • No other organisations working among the fishing community in this part of Kutch District

  • Project Office – Mandvi Town

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Conservation Significance


  • Supports prawn species – Metapenaeus kutchensis considered native

  • Mangrove scrub forest patches: Between Modwa & Tragadi villages; Heavy grazing by camels.

  • Lobsters (titan)

  • Sandy beaches of Modwa:  Potential nesting sites for the Olive Ridley turtle – a globally threatened turtle species

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  • SHG formation, bank accounts, training

  • Multi-stakeholder meetings, workshops

  • Study of different options – conservation & enterprise linkage

  • Focus on: Shrimp, Prawns, Lobsters; Pomfrets; Bombay Duck; Mullets & Thread Fish

  • Value addition: Fish/  Prawn pickles and hygienic dry fish (bombay-duck)

  • Visit of experts: Dr. Kasim, Dr. Joe (CMFRI, Chennai) - Lobster Conservation

  • Enterprise & Business Operations - Storage Facilities, Transport, Tidal Pond, Trials on pickle production

  • Rights related issues – campaigns, mediation with authorities, support for empowerment, capacity building

  • Support – Health & Education (hostels for children) – integration with CELL activity

  • Linkage with government agencies and community organisations for mangrove and turtle conservation

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Interim Results


  • Women’s SHG is managing the storage facility at a good profit

  • Business plans - finalised and partly implemented, successfully

  • More than 30% of the pagadiya fishers – more than doubled earnings (benefit of storage facility) – off-season situation; More expected in full season!!

  • 100% of the pagadiyas (50) expect the same in the full fishing season (from 15 Aug); Others will also use it.

  • SHG – functioning well with bank accounts

  • Training in fish & prawn pickle production – successful; trial production – success; Full production to start

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Work to be completed by end Oct 2007


  • Procurement & Installation of second freezer (Kathada village)

  • Adding transport facility as a common facility, run as community enterprise

  • Developing the community-managed tidal pond system for increasing the prawn catch (capture not culture)

  • Pickle production – full scale and marketing

  • Hygienic dry fish – production to marketing


Success of CELL Approach




Not the technical feasibility; but all these are run and managed by the SHGs created through CELL project. So far, a great success! Most of our time and effort invested in building and strengthening community capabilities in management, community organization, cooperation, etc


“Nana Layaja effect” on other agencies!


CELL model is being adapted by other agencies working in the district, after independent verification of the work in CELL project villages

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Thank You!

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Last modified: April 10, 2008